Product Conformity COC

Customs clearance certificate for products entering the destination country.

Introduction to COC(SONCAP) in Nigeria

In order to ensure that controlled products comply with the Nigerian technical standards or other international standards that have been approved for implementation, and to protect local consumers from unsafe products or products that do not meet standards, Standard Organization of Nigeria has decided to implement controls on controlled products exported to the country.SON CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT PROGRAMME(SONCAP) is designed to ensure that imported products meet Nigeria’s quality and safety standards.
Except for food, medicine, non-equipment medical supplies, chemical raw materials for qualified manufacturers’ own use, military supplies and equipment, products banned by the Nigerian federal government and second-hand products (excluding cars), all other products imported into Nigeria are within the scope of SONCAP assessment.


Application Process

The Nigeria SONCAP certification process includes two stages:

① Application for Product Certificate (PC)

  1. The exporter submits the completed product registration certificate application form RFPC, test report, product pictures, logos and other relevant documents.
  2. After reviewing the above materials and calculating the cost, a debit note will be issued.
  3. Please make payment and send us the bank slip.
  4. Cooperative agency will issue Nigeria PC.

② To obtain batch SC certificate.
A. The exporter obtains the import license Form M from the importer.
B. The exporter submits the completed batch certificate application form RFSC.
C. The above materials will be reviewed. If further sampling testing is required, we will coordinate sampling and implement laboratory testing.
D. After completing the above steps, on-site inspection will be arranged. If the goods are shipped by sea in full container, loading supervision is required.
E. After the on-site inspection is completed, the exporter submits the final documents (commercial invoice and packing list).
F. The cooperative institution issues SC.

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