Product Conformity COC

Customs clearance certificate for products entering the destination country.

Introduction to CoC(PROGEC) in Gabon

PROGEC for Gabon is Certificate of Conformity before export. According to the relevant decrees of the Gabon Bureau of Standards, starting from January 1, 2016, all controlled products imported into Gabon must comply with the requirements of the Gabon Bureau of Standards, namely the Gabon PROGEC conformity assessment project. In that way, it can protect local consumers in Gabon from products that may threaten health, safety and the environment. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in delays in customs clearance, fines, and even the return of goods.

Please provide us with product name and HS code when export goods to Gabon, we will confirm with you whether the product is within the control range. If the product is exempt from inspection, no testing or inspection is required and it can be shipped directly.


Application Method

Exporters have the following three methods to prove whether their export products meet the standards and requirements of the Gabonese authorities:

A: Applicable to exporters or manufacturers that export to Gabon a small number of times each year.
After the submitted documents and inspection meet the requirements, the cooperative agency will directly issue a COC certificate.

B:Applicable to common exporters with homogeneous products.
The cooperative agency issues a registration certificate. During the validity period of the certificate, the goods will be inspected every three months or six months. Registered products still require a COC certificate when shipped so that it can be allowed to enter Gabon. Since being registered with the cooperative institution, the COC operation process will be more convenient.

C: Applicable to factories whose annual export volume is very large and very frequent.
The cooperative agency issues a license, and the first order needs to be inspected, and random inspections will be carried out from time to time. When the licensed products are re-exported to the destination country, they can obtain COC compliance certification without inspection and testing.


Application Materials

① Application form(RFC)

② Product quality documents, test reports issued by laboratories with CNAS/ISO17025 qualifications (English version)

③ Packing list

④ Proforma invoice (It is needed to indicate FOB amount)


Application Process

① Please submit the above materials.

② After reviewing the above materials and calculating the cost, a debit note will be issued.

③ Please make the payment and send us the bank slip to check.

④ If a test is needed, cooperative certification agency will coordinate sampling and conduct laboratory testing.

⑤ After completing product testing, we will arrange an inspection date and obtain confirmation from the exporter.

⑥ After the on-site or remote inspection is completed, the exporter submits the final documents (commercial invoice and packing list) .

⑦ Cooperative certification agency will issue the certificate and send it to the exporter.

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